Wild Earth Maine Coons
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Our lovely polydactyl girl Miss Morrigan had her first litter on the 5th of March. She had four little ones, all the picture of health -- one of which is polydactyl. Keep visiting this site and particularly our Facebook page (see link below) for the latest pictures.

Our Kittens
Having a litter of kittens can be an enormously stressful event for even the most experienced of queens. For this reason we normally limit the number of litters to two per year from each of our queens. For the rest of the year we give them the rest that their bodies need. We try to time the matings so that the litters arrive spaced out over the non-winter months. 

On this page we will make note of our current and expected litters from our Maine Coon queens. Contact us if you would like to visit them. Note that best practice is for the kittens to stay with their mother until they are 12 weeks old. We will sometimes release them at 11 weeks under certain circumstances.
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